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Blender At Tramlines

This weekend just passed we had a fantastic weekend up at the Tramlines festival in Sheffield. We got to see a lot of great bands perform, but more importantly, we also had a chance to sell our t shirts to the residents of the Steel City.


Tramlines is a unique festival, in that it takes place all over the city in various venues. This meant that we didn’t have a stall outside in the rain, but actually set up shop in an office space to let in Sheffield. It was something like working in a charity shop for a tee, selling our stock for slightly under the regular price in the hope we could get rid of it all.

Luckily for us, we ran out of stock on just the second day. It was great then to spend the last day getting to explore the city and see people at various pubs around town wearing their brand new Blender Tees.

Many thanks to the people of Sheffield for having us, and here’s hoping we’ll be back again next year.