Girls Tees

Tees are a really big deal for girls these days. It seems like since the humble Hashtag ‘#’ was muttered at a fashion meeting, slogan tees and its ilk have become a staple in every high street store we can think of.

The days of the oversized boyfriend tee have been banished t the wayside in favour of cyclical trend tees that run their course in less than a few months, and location tees that do everything from mention the world’s biggest cities to making a link to Martock estate agent site.

Chances are if you know someone who like to take their shopping seriously, they’ll be better able to list their geographical knowledge based on which place their tee highlights. The idea of possibility in tees is something that has extended its reach and surpassed the ‘GIRLS ON TOUR 2K8’ hen do shirts of the noughties.

Now it is time for tees to become a main staple of the wardrobe and not what’s kept underneath. And what’s something we’re more than happy to be seeing.

Wondering what examples of this look like? Take a look at some of the tees below.